Full-Stack Webinar Series

What's my Stack?

Part of the series What the Stack?

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Gaurav Sahni

Chief Technology Officer - Full Harvest
Ex. Engineering Manager - Rippling

16th October 2020, 5.00 - 6.30 PM IST

What's my Stack? AGENDA


Stacks that our Speaker have used in the past

Choosing a Stack

Things to consider while selecting a web stack

Ruby on Rails

Let’s discuss about RoR - its strengths and weaknesses

Sharing Experience

Speakers experience with using RoR at Full Harvest & projects

What's my Stack? - Content

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Full-Stack Journeys

Part of the series What the Stack?

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Ganesh Mani

Sr. Full Stack Engineer - Timeless Ventures
Full Stack Author - LogRocket

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Shajahan A

Product Engineer - Rocketlane
Ex. Full Stack Developer - HappyFox

23rd September 2020, 10.00 - 11.30 AM IST

Full-Stack Journeys AGENDA


You can decide how you want to introduce yourself


How did you prepare yourself to become a full stack developer?
Important experience or degrees required to become a full stack developer

How to land a job:

What does a Full Stack Developer need to know?
Some skills to keep in mind to become a more attractive candidate to employers


What is it like working as a full stack developer, Job satisfaction


Career prospects for a full stack developer, How much industry experience do you require to be successful

Closing remarks

Advice for aspiring revelopers, Answer questions

Full-Stack Journeys - Content

Full-stack 101: Expert Speak

Part of the series What the Stack?

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Kamal Tripathi

Software Development Manager III, Amazon

29th August 2020, 5.00 - 6.00 PM IST

Full-Stack 101 AGENDA

Front end

Discuss things about UI, Responsive Design, UX, JS Framework like, Angular, React, Vue.js, Flutter.

Back end

Webapps, Languages & frameworks, Microservices & Tools, Databases bothSQL & NoSQL and Queues.


Source Code Control, Continuous, integration and Delivery, Database maintainance / monitoring and Lagging.

Big Data, Analytics

Data Storage, data Ingestion, Data Processing Query Languages (Hive, SQL), Data Visualization..

Machine Learning, AI

Image processing, Prediction, Classification, Learning association, Regression & Artificial Intelligence.

T-Shaped Skills

Contribute every part of a project, Learn things outside your area of expertise, Take your time and Empathy.

Full-stack 101: Expert Speak - Content

Full-Stack challenge

Presenting an opportunity for attendees - the full-stack challenge! This challenge will entail a month-long process where we will introduce you to all of the full-stack elements. We will approach this in a hands-on manner, with a lot of live projects while being guided by experts in the tech field.

If you haven't signed up as yet for the webinar, sign up now to participate in a free webinar and challenge! Further details about the challenge will be provided in our webinar.