Java Advanced

This course is for experienced java programmers, who would like to know deeper in object oriented approach. This course is mainly focusing on those who know the basic concepts and want to upgrade the knowledge in advanced topics of java Programming. In this course we are going in to more deeper knowledge of object oriented programming ,exception handling,threads,GUI development using applets and swings,Collection,Database connectivity etc.

Module 1: The Collection framework

Collection Objects String Tokenizer Class Calendar ClassDate Class

Module 2: Streams and Files

StreamsWriter and Reader Zipping and Unzipping Files Serialization of Objects File Class

Module 3: Threads

Multi-Threading Creation of Threads Synchronization Dead lock of Threads Thread Communication Thread Group

Module 4: Graphics Programming using AWT & Layout Managers

Components Event Delegation Model Font class FlowLayout BorderLayout CardLayout GridLayout BoxLayout

Module 5: Graphics Programming using Swing

Java Foundation Classes Packages of JFC MVC JComponent Class Handling Events

Module 6: Applets

Creating an Applet Uses of Applets A Simple Applet Applet with Swing Components

Module 7: Generic Types

Generic Class Generic Method Generic Interface

Module 8: Java Database Connectivity

JDBC fundamentals Database connection Retrieving Data from Database Stored Procedures ResultSetMetaData Database MetaData Types of JDBC Drivers