Full Stack Training

Mindmajix Full Stack Training develops your skills in both frontend and backend web technologies with handson sessions. The course leads you through the fundamentals of web development, JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB, etc. and extends your knowledge in building complex web applications through realtime industry projects. Upon completion of this online training, you’ll become an expert to implement this knowledge in reallife. Enrol in our Full Stack Training to become a Full Stack Developer.

Introduction of Full Stack

Basic ProgrammingHTML Fundamentals IntroductionjQueryJavaScriptGitReact.JSNode.JSExpress.JSAngularJSMongoDB

HTML Fundamentals introduction

HTML Text HTML Lists HTML Links HTML Tables HTML Form And Form Elements HTML Forms Fundamentals HTML Form Inputs HTML Images And Objects


Variables, Arrays, Strings, Loops If/else and equivalence Object Literals JSON Functions Scope and Hoisting


JQuery – Introduction JQuery - Selectors Find Dropdown Selected Item JQuery - Document Traversal JQuery - Event JQuery – Effects JQuery - HTML Manipulation JQuery – UI


Introduction To Git Working Locally With Git Working Remotely With Git Branching, Merging And Rebasing With Git Using The GitHub Website GitHub For Windows Basics Teamwork With GitHub For Windows Social Coding With GitHub

React Js

React JS Fundamentals Introduction To Architecture React JS Components And Lifecycle ES2015 (ES6) Production Build

Node Js

Introduction of Node.js Foundation of Node.js Node Project HTTP File System Buffers, Streams, And Events Modules And Unit Testing Express Data Sources

Angular Js

Introduction To AngularJS Controllers And Markup Working With Colocations In AngularJS Built-In Directives Working With Expressions In AngularJS Working With Expressions In Filters Two Way Binding In AngularJS Validation Creating And Using Services


MongoDB Introduction MongoDB CRUD Operations Replication Sharding Backup and Recovery