Full Stack Software Developer

Our Professional Certificate in Software Development fast tracks you into one of the most in demand professions worldwide Full Stack Software Development. The demand for software developers is at a global alltime high, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified Software Development as one of the top five areas of growth over the next ten years. Full stack software developers are the creative minds behind computer programs. They use different coding languages and intuitive technologies to create web applications that allow people to achieve specific tasks on a computer or on another device. In this program you will learn all of the skills required to create a website from scratch. You will bring data to life by creating visual dashboards of large amounts of data and demonstrate your front end design ability and work with databases. You will conduct document integration testing, deployment and virtualization. After completing this program, you will receive a certificate of completion and become an industryready full stack software developer. You will have a professional portfolio of realworld projects to showcase at interviews when you complete the program.

User Centric Frontend Development

Introduction To The Integrated Development EnvironmentCloud9The Cloud 9 EcosystemIntroduction to Rescue Your Work From Certain DeathThe Command-line InterfaceGit BasicsGitHubIntroduction to Fixing and Examining StuffDebugging HTML & CSS In The BrowserIntroduction To Responsive Web DesignResponsive Design BasicsMedia QueriesMobile vs Desktop ApproachResponsive Design - Mini-ProjectIntroduction To CSS Animations And TransitionsCSS TransitionsCSS AnimationsCSS TransformationsCSS WitchcraftIntroduction To BootstrapBootstrap BasecampCore CSS & The Grid SystemComponentsBeyond BootstrapIntroduction To User Experience Design (UXD)The Strategy PlaneThe Scope PlaneThe Structure PlaneThe Skeleton PlaneThe Surface PlaneResume Project IntroductionThe Basic StructureThe HeaderThe FooterThree Reasons To Hire MeContact detailsThe Resume PageMy SkillsMy Work HistoryThe Contact pageDownload my CVUser Centric Frontend Development Milestone Project

Interactive Frontend Development

Test-Driven Development Using Jasmine From JavaScript to jQuery jQuery Introduction jQuery Events jQuery - Traversing Mt. Dom Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) D3.js DC.js and Crossfilter.js Data Visualization Introduction Loading Your Data Creating Your Charts Show Salary Correlations Layout and Styling Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Consuming APIs Using JavaScript Data & The DOM Project Introduction Google Maps The GitHub API Sending Emails Using EmailJS Interactive Frontend Development Milestone Project

Practical Python

Getting Started With Python In Cloud 9 Test Driven Development with Python File I/O Boggle Solver Part One Boggle Solver Part Two Getting Started Applying Styles Flask & Data Routing and Templates Deploying Our Project To Heroku Starting The Project Expanding Our Project Upgrading Our Chat Functionality

Data Centric Development

Data Fundamentals Data Store Types Database Fundamentals Relational Database Design A Database Management System In Action - MySQL SQL In Action Introduction To Go Humongous With MongoDB Create a MongoDB Database Manipulate Data Using Mongo Shell Manipulate Data Programmatically With Python Manipulate Data With A Custom User Interface Introduction to Mini Project Putting The Basics In Place Adding A Task - Accepting User Input Adding A Task - Writing to the Database Editing A Task Delete A Task Manage Categories Adding Application Navigation Data Centric Development Milestone Project

Full Stack Frameworks with Django

Hello Django Testing Django The Heroku Platform Making Our Code Deployment Ready Deploying Our Project Environments, Automation & Security Getting Set Up Logging Out Creating Login Functionality Authorization User Registration & Profiles Password Reset Custom Authentication Styling A Django Project Introduction To Blog All About It Set Yourself Up For Success Create Models, Views And URLs Create HTML templates and CSS styles Let's Go Live! Products and a Shopping Cart Finding and Purchasing Products Hosting your E-commerce web app Full Stack Frameworks with Django Milestone Project Portfolio Submission and Assessment Guide