Master Certificate Program in Full Stack Development

Master Certificate in Full Stack Development is an intensive training program that is designed to empower learners with the right skillset and mindset. The program includes a capstone project which will mold the learners into a complete Full Stack professional. It is the only program in the industry that covers MEAN & MERN stack technology and trains you to build an automated Cloudnative application on the AWS Platform. As per the IT industry, any Full Stack Java Developer must be strong in Foundation Technologies, JavaScript Technologies, Frameworks & Engineering Practices. These technologies will enable a Full Stack Java Developer to understand the technical requirements of particular product development and draw rapid prototype design solutions in order to develop endend web applications.

Unit 1: Foundation

Introduction to Project on Object Oriented programming beginsIntroduction to Agile and project management tools(JIRA, Sonarqube, Github & Maven)Core JavaMySQLJDBCJunitPresentation of Project on Object Oriented programming

Unit 2: Automation Testing

Introduction to Automation testing (Selenium + API) begins Selenium Selenium + TestNG BDD (Cucumber) API Testing Presentation on Automation testing (Selenium + API) Project on MERN/MEAN Begins

Unit 3: Javascript Technologies

HTML5, CSS, BOOTSTRAP Advanced JavaScript ES6 NoSQL MongoDB ExpressJs Node JS React, Redux + JEST + Enzyme Typescript & Angular, Jasmine Presentation on MERN/MEAN Stack Project on Microservices and AWS Begins

Unit 4: Application Developer