Full Stack Web Developer - MEAN Stack

Our MEAN Stack training will allow you to learn how to create fullstack web applications using the front end and backend JavaScript technologies, which form the core of MEAN MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular, and Node.js. As part of this MEAN Stack Certification course, you will cover each module in detail and gain handson experience by executing realworld projects. At the end of the training, you will be awarded Intellipaats MEAN Stack Course Completion Certificate, which you can showcase to your potential employers to get lucrative jobs. Therefore, sign up for this course to learn to build applications from scratch and embark on one of the most profitable career paths.

HTML and jQuery Training

This includes: Understanding HTML, Deep dive into HTML, Introduction to JQuery, Working with Selectors & CSS, Working with JQuery Core, Event Handling, Working with DOM Elements, Working with AJAX.


This includes: Introduction to Node.js, Asynchronous Programming, FileSystem, Streams and Events, HTTP, ExpressJS, ExpressJS and MongoDB, Testing, REST API using Express and Mongoose,


Introduction to Angular, TypeScript, Features of Angular, How to build with Angular Components, Responsive web designing, Event binding, Dependency injection, Directives in Angular, Pipes in Angular, Forms in Angular, Angular Routing, Promises and Observables, Testing Angular applications