Full Stack Developer Course

Become a master at coding with our Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai and get 100 placement assistance in some of the top companies offering an average salary of 4.5 – 5 Lakh P.A. This course, created by industry experts, aims to make you an expert in 14 technologies that are used to make interactive websites, cool apps and amazing games. You will get to learn the core technologies through practical training by mentors who have actually worked in the programming industry. After this course, you will become a certified coder with the knowledge of both, backend, as well as frontend development.

Web Development

Learn to use HTML, CSS and Bootstrap and make amazing portfolio websites, landing pages and business sites.

JavaScript & Node.js

Learn to use JavaScript that powers websites, games, ML, IoT, iOS or Android apps, desktop applications and entire operating systems.


Learn the Database that is in great demand for its high performance, high scalability, schemaless data storage, and rich developer APIs.


Learn a JavaScript framework that is used to create highly interactive web-based applications with ease.


Learn the JavaScript library specifically designed for building single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web applications.


Learn version control systems like GitHub and how to host your websites and applications in these code repositories.

Developing 2D Games

Learn how to develop amazing, interactive and fun 2D games using Phaser, which is a fast and free HTML5 open source game framework.