Full Stack Web Development

There are so many aspects that go into web development, both on the back and frontend. Developing a website requires a strong backend so that there are no attempts to hack as well as a good server so that the site does not lag or crash during crucial moments.

How the web works? (3 hours)

What is a web server?Client server communicationHow to find the IP address?What is a protocol?The first module explains how the web works. It illustrates how the client communicates with the server and helps you understand the protocols of the web.

Programming Fundamentals (25 hours)

Basic structure of sites Using CSS to control presentation, formatting, and layout JavaScript to control the behavior of different elements Introduction to object-oriented programing (OOPs) Ajax for making asynchronous requests with jQuery In this module, learn how to create static and dynamic webpages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The module will also help you understand next-gen JavaScript (ES6). You will also learn how to fetch and post data from the server to the client site without reloading the page using Ajax.

Server-side framework - node.js (12 hours)

Fundamentals like Node.js syntax, NPM package management etc. Building web application with node.js & Express Building web services with node.js and Express In this module, learn how to build web APIs in the server-side using NodeJS and Express Framework.

MongoDB Database (12 hours)

Building CRUD Applications Defining Mongoose schema Designing Routes using Express.js Create a Server using Express.js Building a RESTful API This module illustrates how data is stored for applications. It also teaches how to write queries that can manipulate and use data in operations.

Client-side Library - ReactJS (12 hours)

Building front-end apps with React.js as a view layer Using the JSX syntax to create React Elements Building React applications using React Components Managing the state and lifecycle methods of React Components Building lists and forms using React Components Rendering React.js on the Node.js server In this module, learn how you can create complex applications and improve your webpage performance using the JavaScript library ReactJS.

Security JWT Backend and Deployment (6 hours)

How & when to use JSON web tokens Front end & backend authentication Validations of forms & data Deployment of full stack app on Heroku Finally, learn how to deploy your application on Heroku and implement authentication so that information is safely transmitted between client and server.

Capstone Project

The course culminates in an enterprise-level project for a fictitious client that will require you to use all the skills that you learn during your training. Every student is guided by industry experts as they bring their personal projects to life. Alternately, students may choose to work on a live project from their organization. We encourage all our students to pursue projects that are best suited for their careers and domains. The project is an opportunity for you to test your skills and demonstrate your ability to invent solutions for real world problems.